Quirky Carrots & friends

We have partnered up with Werfzeep and Quirky Carrots because they embraced the same type of positive, playful, and colorful activism we love so much.

Quirky Carrots

Have you ever seen a cucumber that’s not straight? A carrot with two legs? Or an eggplant that is a triplet? A tomato that looks like Siamese twins or paprika that looks more like a creature from outer space?

Meet Quirky Carrots a.k.a. Toffe Peren a.k.a. Tolle Knolle! Photographers and artists Carina Hesper and Annette Behrens want to show more of the natural ways in which our foods can grow and spread awareness on food waste and European laws on food looks. They collected and photographed endless fruits and vegetables with funny appearances. With these photo’s they made a cool memory game that opens a conversation about food waste and sets new standards for our kids. We love how Annette and Carina are giving a colorful and playful voice to their activism!

This game is an ode to the quirky fruits and unique vegetables. Anyone who has ever worked in the garden knows: Nature does not produce uniformity. The game is available in Dutch, German, and English. Printed with high eco-standards in the Netherlands.


Werfzeep has been making organic, artisanal soap in the heart of Utrecht since 2009. They make all their soap by hand. It’s made with nourishing vegetable oils, love, and attention, and without synthetic additives, plastic, palm oil, or animal fats. These are our favorites.