Middle Kingdom Porcelain
Jingdezhen, China / Washington, USA

Bo Jia and Alison Alten established the Middle Kingdom kiln in Jingdezhen to broaden porcelain traditions for a modern audience. Middle Kingdom’s highly trained artisans work at a modern facility designed in the regional style near the site of the imperial kilns. Foekje has been collaborated with the Jias on the Bottle Vase Project for a long time.


For Bubble Buddy Foekje colloborated with GoodtoGive, a Rotterdam based company that specializes on fair & sustainable corporate gifting. Even when Foekje wasn’t too sure about Bubble Buddy’s potential, they encouraged her to move forward and sold the first 15000 Bubble Buddies.

Ramzi and his team are taking care of our stock and pack our parcels every day. The last parcels leave at 23:00 for a next day delivery, so if your parcel arrives the next morning, this is because Ramzi is super fast.