limited edition #102 warm pallet travel minis


During beach clean-ups around the world Foekje stumbled upon bottles big and small and sometimes even smaller. Travel minis are these little bottles that hold 20 ml of after sun or hand detergent on holidays. But in stead of bringing travel mini bottles to her holiday destination, she would always bring some of these minis home. The bottles used for this limited are edition come from Gambia, Morocco, France, Portugal and Thailand.

This set comes in a edition of 200 pieces and the boxes are hand numbered. For this special edition Bodil Jane designed a box with a pattern based on the most common found plastic trash we run into at beach cleanups; bottles, toys, caps, lighters, etc and mixed them with beautiful natural elements such as seaweed, coral and shells. The box was handmade by craftsmen in Portugal with an eye for detail.

the bottle vase project

the bottle vase project

 The Bottle Vase Project wants to spread awareness about plastic soup, also known as ‘the great pacific garbage patch’, it is characterised by exceptionally high concentrations of plastics that have been trapped there by the circulating currents. Plastic waste drifts there from all over the world, after floating down rivers into seas. Plastics are not biodegradable; they only break down into smaller pieces called microplastics. These are extremely dangerous as they enter the food chain and threaten all kinds of species, including human beings.

The outside of the stained porcelain is biscuit which gives a mat finish similar to plastic. The inside of the porcelain bottle vases #103 is glazed to make it waterproof and suitable as a vase or container. The porcelain bottle vases measure  138, 75, 84, 100 and 96 mm  in height

The little vases are hand made in Portugal. The plastic bottles are used to create moulds. Pigmented liquid porcelain is poured into the moulds, leaving a thin layer that forms the shape. After drying, the inside of the bottle is glazed lead-free and fired at 1300 ºC. All this handwork is done by a team of seven craftsmen, therefore none of the bottles are exactly the same. The picture shown is an indication, minor changes in color are possible. Overall the surface is smooth but small defaults do occur and should be considered as a quality of the product.

The vases will be shipped plastic free, double boxed.

Care Instructions
Please follow these instructions to keep the outer surface of the bottle vase pristine state. After using the vase, wash the bottle with mild soap, warm water and a brush. Leave it to dry on a clean towel. Grease stains can be removed by rubbing in soft soap, leaving it overnight and cleaning as directed above. Always keep this bottle indoors and store in a dry place as moist dirt might get into the outer surface over time. Liquids can also be stored in the bottle vase; we suggest using a cork to close the bottle.