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odds & ends

Colorful home textiles made of industry leftovers!

When factories dye yarns to weave textiles, they make some extra -just in case- but they often go unused. The Odds & Ends textiles are designed to get the most out of these remainders, creating endless unexpected color combinations!

wimpy wool care

Before you store your woollens for next winter: fix them! Use Wimpy’s tools, materials and video instructions to renew and repair them in many ways; remove pill, wash them, fix holes, take in snags and much more.

It’s easy!
It’s fun!
It’s good for the planet!
It’s economical!

Bubble Buddy,
the grate way to clean

With the Bottle Vase Project (2009) I tried to raise attention to the growing problem of plastic pollution, years later awareness has spread, yet the plastic soup keeps growing… so time for action!

Bubble Buddy is a tool that promotes the use of bar soap. He can be used as a soap dish that dries a bar of soap quickly but also has a very cool grating shield. The grating shield can be used to make soap flakes that easily dissolve in soap suds for all kinds of cleaning and grooming purposes. No need for plastic soap bottles any longer!

organic soap bars

When purchasing a bottle of shampoo, body wash, or cleaning detergent you mostly buy a plastic bottle, heaps of water, and only a tiny bit of soap. Such a waste! A great alternative has been around for centuries, but we almost forgot about it: the soap bar. We dove into the world of soap and created 6 special bars that together can replace about every bottle in your home.

the bottle vase project

“The Bottle Vase Project was inspired by a collection of plastic trash from the river Maas in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After reading about plastic soup, I started looking more carefully at the river running through my home town and found plastic waste that had been accumulating there since the 1960s.

By creating durable colorful porcelain bottle vases copies of the material I find, I’m trying to spread awareness of this ever growing problem.”

ocean buddies

Two new bubble buddies in collaboration with Sea Shepherd and Dr. Bronners! Since the first Bubble Buddy we have made a donation to Sea Shepherd for every buddy sold. Sea Shepherd aims to protects all sea life, big as wales and small as sardines. Ocean plastics have become one of the biggest threats to marine life and Sea Shepherd organizes beach cleanups and has a program to collect ghost nets – big clusters of left or lost fishing nets that drift in the oceans entangle fish, birds and mammals.

The new Bubble Buddies are made from this material and have a green colour because of the mix of fishing nets and other marine debris.