Besides the Bottle Vase Project (since 2009) and Bubble Buddy (2018) I have worked on other projects as well, please find some examples below.


This tapestry was designed for a lady who was about to move to a new place. As a proces of farewell we collected fabrics from her old home, such as curtains and even a wedding dress. All textiles are cut and woven into this 140cm x 320cm large tapestry that refers to the tulip fields, dykes and polder of the Netherlands.


With an interest in environmental issues and material waste, I got fascinated with an ancient material called bone china; burned bones mixed with porcelain that is results in the finest of porcelain. For the project I collected waste food bones from friends and made a series of dishes to that show morphed animals.



In every industry there’s waste, my goal is to find new purposes where the waste becomes valued material. Like this lamp, made from porcelain waste taken from the drain of a porcelain factory. The material is not stable and not white but perfect for this translucent lamp that looks even better at night.





During my graduation at Sint Lucas Ghent I mixed plants, funguses and handmade objects in glass, metal, ceramic and textile into a skin tone environment that referred to a womans’ hospital. The scene made one wonder, what is going on? Is it going to hurt?




During my studies at L’ENSA Limoges, France, I noted the last bits of Kaolin (main ingredient in Porcelain) had been excavated a long time ago. In order to work with the real Limoges earth I dug samples all over the region, studied characteristics and finally created a series of tableware with the different tones of terra cotta clay. ‘Limoges anno 2010’

This scarf is the typical product of someone who loves to tell you the story behind materials, even if you don’t want to know. The pattern reveals the steps of the butterfly transformation that is abruptly discontinued when the thread is thorn from the pop to harvest silk.