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organic soap bars

organic soap bars

In 2018 we came up with Bubble Buddy, a soap dish made from recycled plastic that helps you reduce plastic waste by switching from bottles to bars.

When purchasing a bottle of shampoo, body wash, or cleaning detergent you mostly buy a plastic bottle, heaps of water, and only a tiny bit of soap. Such a waste! A great alternative has been around for centuries, but we almost forgot about it – the soap bar. We dove into the world of soap and created 6 special bars that together can replace about every bottle in your home. Bye-Bye plastic bottles! Hello organic and vegan soap bar!

Our new soap is kindly developed and handmade in Italy with certified organic ingredients. All bars are vegan, not containing any palm oil, and obviously not tested on animals. Due to natural ingredients, it makes your skin feel not only clean and soft but also nourished. The traditional cold process technique requires patience and steadily stirring. This gentle method leads to a higher quality of the product because the oils stay intact.

The organic and vegan soap bar is highly concentrated and strong enough to challenge soap in plastic bottles and is even more economical in use. Especially when combined with a soap dish that dries your soap bar fully after each use. Bubble Buddy works very well but other options with good drainage can do the job too. The soaps are biodegradable and can be used in all kinds of filtering systems.

Each soap comes in an illustrated cardboard box designed by Sue Doeksen. The colorful boxes make lovely gifts for babies, hipsters, and old ladies.