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welcome in our soap shop

An easy way to reduce plastic waste is to replace the soap and detergent bottles in your home with bars. With the help of Bubble Buddy you can store them dry so they last a long time.

We are stocking a selection of our personal favourites for different uses. Some are from our own production, others are from other small soap workshops that also make an effort to produce ethical cold processed soap from organic oils and butters, all vegan and not tested on animals.

Obviously plastic free.


Clean your home with a bar of all purpose cleaning soap.
For a bucket of soap: grate some bar soap above a bucket, add warm water and ready to go!


Any bottle can be replaced, even your shampoo and conditioner.
Simply rub the bar on your scalp and massage with your hands like you are used too.


Rub the bar between your hands to make some foam and use it to wash your face. After rinsing, dry with a soft touch to make sure the nourishing oils stay on the skin.

mature skin

These bars give some extra strengt and nourishment to mature skin.

sensitive skin

For sensitive skin we recommend to use a bar based on (olive) oil without essential oils, perfumes or other additives. In advertisement we often see products promoted called ‘soap without soap’, but soap is not the problem for people who have eczema, for example; it’s the additives that do the harm. I personally cured the eczema on my hands when switched to natural soap.

dull skin

Want to exfoliate a little? Or get these really dirty gardening hands refreshed? Use these bars with a natural scrub element.


Tell your friends about the amazing powers of bar soap with these giftsets. (or buy them for yourself and find your favourites)


Yes, pet’s need a wash every now and then too. We recommend to use our shampoo for very smelly friends or our baby soap for those not too smelly or with a sensitive skin or skin problems. For dogs with long hair we recommend a conditioner before combing.

baby & kids

In our opinion young babies don’t need cleaning products at all but when they start eating and making mess these soaps can be used to clean them, make a bath, wash little hairs, make a diaper spray, etc. As this is real soap cold processed without additives it is extremely mild but you should avoid contact with eyes as it might sting.


All our soaps are unisex, but if you are looking for nice gifts for a man these options might interest you, they contain modern mixes of essential oils that many man like.

store dry

Use a soap dish like Bubble Buddy to store your bar properly. It’s important to allow your bar to dry after every use to prevent it from getting gooey and wash away too much soap with your next use. So drying your soap well is more economical and better for the environment.

organic bubble buddy soap

In 2018 we – Goodtogive and Foekje Fleur – came up with Bubble Buddy, a soap dish made from recycled plastic that helps you reduce plastic waste by switching from bottles to bars.

When purchasing a bottle of shampoo, body wash, or cleaning detergent you mostly buy a plastic bottle, heaps of water, and only a tiny bit of soap. Such a waste! A great alternative has been around for centuries, but we almost forgot about it: the soap bar. We dove into the world of soap and created 4 special bars that together can replace about every bottle in your home. Bye-Bye plastic bottles! Hello! Organic and vegan soap bar!

our organic Bubble Buddy soaps

Our ‘Bubble Buddy’ soap is kindly developed and handmade with certified organic ingredients. All bars are vegan, not containing any palm oil, and obviously not tested on animals. Due to natural ingredients, it makes your skin feel not only clean and soft but also nourished. The traditional cold process technique requires patience and steadily stirring. This gentle method leads to a higher quality of soap because the oils and butters stay intact.

The organic soap bars are highly concentrated and strong enough to challenge soap in plastic bottles and it is more economical in use. 

The soaps are biodegradable and can be used in all kinds of filtering systems. Each soap comes in an illustrated cardboard box designed by Sue Doeksen. The colorful boxes make lovely gifts for babies, hipsters, and old ladies.