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#10 Odette’s summer XL beach towel

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Colorful home textiles made of industry leftovers! When factories dye yarns to weave textiles, they make some extra—just in case—but they often go unused. The Odds & Ends textiles are designed to get the most out of these remainders, creating unexpected color combinations.

– 100% cotton
– a XL beach towel
– 90 x 180 cm
– label allows for hanging
– Made in Portugal
– quality 500 gr/m2

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Odds & Ends x Odette Muijsers

Odette (1973) graduated from the Rietveld Academy and works and lives in Amsterdam. With paint, cardboard, and ceramics she recreates the candies from her childhood; the fluffy marshmallows, the powder lollipops, the sugar coating. She wonders: Can a ceramic object or a painting make your mouth water? Can you feel the urge to eat something, just because its color evokes the association with something edible? Or even further, is it possible to feel the satisfaction of eating simply by looking at a tasty or beautiful object?

Foekje (1988) graduated from AKV. Sint Joost Breda as designer and Sint Lucas Gent in glass & ceramic arts. She works from her studio in Rotterdam on projects around the theme of consumption and environment, resulting in colorful and fun products that allow for a small change every day. Since 2023 she has worked on Odds & Ends; brightly colored home textiles made from industry remainders.

Foekje and Odette found each other in their shared aesthetics and love for color, both using replicas of objects from our collective memory in their communication. For this collaboration, Odette’s paintings of ice creams from the 70s and 80s were transformed into cotton objects on a beach towel that you could almost sink your teeth into. It boasts a sculpted effect with varying terry levels and a palette of 13(!) colors.

This towel will take you to a summer of anyone’s childhood, to a chlorinated swimming pool with a small shop where you can buy the world for 50 cents. Two cherries on a plastic stick? Maybe some wine gum strawberries? But never-ever enough ice cream. Luckily, we still have some tangerines we brought from home. 

The 90×180 cm beach towel is terry woven on a jacquard machine, crafted in a heavier quality than usual – weighing 550 gms – ensuring it’s extra soft and absorbent for those never-ending summer holidays by the pool or sea.

website: odettemuijsers.com Instagram: @odettemuijsers

Machine laundry 30 degrees Celsius.

Comes with cardboard icecream hangtags.

This towel is woven with an extra fluffy quality and long terry loops. These loops are particularly prone to snags in new towels, so please be careful with jewelry and belts. If snags do occur, don’t panic. Simply cut them off with a pair of sharp scissors. Never pull on snags.

editions & colours

The odds & ends editions are produced in batches. The factory collects remainders and I use these colours to create a new design which is then produced. That exact design is only a start, along the production the left overs run out and are replaced with similar colours. Therefor the images you see in the photo’s are an indication of what the towels look like, but there’s small variations within the batch.

striped hem

Recognize a Odds & Ends towel by it’s signature striped hem.  Each item in the collection comes with this hem that is made on a jacquard machine.

production in Portugal

The Odds & Ends textiles are produced in Portugal with 100% cotton industry remainders. That’s small batches of yarn that are left over from other productions.

artwork by Rachel Sender

Each item comes with a hang tag or sleeve designed by Rachel Sender. On the back you find more information about the project.


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I made several designs with the idea that they get only more interesting if we use more colours, read: even the smallest remainders. The designs are produced in several similar colours and even within the edition there’s differences, because when colours run out they are replaced with new ones and that’s where coincidence takes over :D!

label for hanging

All items are designed to dry quickly and come with a label for hanging.