werfzeep luxury rose bar


Over a thousand roses are needed to produce a milliliter of rose oil! Werfzeep has developed a recipe for rose soap with real rosa damascena oil, accompanied with rose geranium, rosa centifolia and palmarosa. This luxurious soap really cares for dry, mature skin. Rose works in harmony with skin and can help lift your mood.

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The Damask rose is the queen of all flowers and, according to Werfzeep, rightly so thanks to its heavenly scent. Rosa centifolia is also traditionally a fragranced rose, grown for its perfume. Together with rose geranium and palmarosa, this soap has a powerful scent of roses.

The most delicate soap, containing oils of the precious Damask rose and rosa centifolia. If you love the smell of roses, then this soap is for you.

– Handmade by Werfzeep in Utrecht, The Netherlands
– 100% organic ingredients
– Cruelty Free
– Vegan
– Wrapped in paper
– Biodegradable
– Palm oil free