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This game is an ode to the quirky fruits and unique vegetables. Anyone who has ever worked in the garden knows: Nature does not produce uniformity.

Each game consists of 24 different sets of cards. Each set consists of the same kind (for example an eggplant) but two differently looking veggies or fruit. The background colours of each set are the same. This way we emphasize the different appearances of our Quirky Carrots.

Quirky Carrots | Toffe Peren is a project by Annette Behrens and Carina Hesper.

Their mission is to change the perception concerning quirky fruits and vegetables. Often referred to as ‘misfits’, we don’t think they are!

We want to raise awareness and show people more of the natural ways in which our foods can grow and inform them about food waste.

The game is designed by Jelle F. Post and printed by printing company Tienkamp in Groningen. The production is in The Netherlands, to ensure good working conditions and a process that is as environmentally friendly as possible.


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