The Quirky Carrots children's book (ENG)


A children’s book for the youngest: marvel, learn to count and let your imagination be stimulated! In English.

With the Quirky Carrots children’s book, children learn the names of different types of fruit and vegetables. The book is an ode to the quirky fruits and unique vegetables. Anyone who has ever worked in the garden knows: Nature does not produce uniformity. They also learn to recognize and name shapes and colours, they can count how many Quirky Carrots there are on a page and it stimulates the imagination: because do you actually see a kiwi or a butterfly?!

The cover is wrapped in a poster, do you see what it is?

The book is designed by Jelle F. Post. The production is in The Netherlands, to ensure good working conditions and a process that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

For the little ones aged 0-4 years! Available in three languages Dutch “toffe peren”, German “Tolle Knolle” and in English “quirky carrots”

quirky carrots

quirky carrots

Carina’s and Annette’s mission is to change the perception concerning quirky fruits and vegetables. Often referred to as ‘misfits’, they don’t think they are! They want to raise awareness and show people more of the natural ways in which our foods can grow and inform them about food waste. They did so with the means of photography creating beautiful images of our Quirky Carrots, Toffe Peren, Tolle Knolle. 

With the Quirky Carrots, they want to become a visual voice in the debate on food waste.


Along we our own products we have the memory game available in 3 languages. The game challenges kinds and adults to make pairs of vegetables that not necessary look the same and celebrates diversity.

We are also expecting a Quirky Carrot book for young children this summer.