Little gifts with every order, pick your freebees at the checkout. We pack and ship every day until 21:00.

seconds sale has ended

It’s almost time for the seconds sale again. We used to host this sale on a market but have moved in online since covid lockdowns. Please read the information below to find out how it works.

The sale will start sunday the 13th of November 2022 at a secret time and last until 23:59. We will add new stock each hour to give everybody a fair chance. You can join the mailinglist to be updated or check regularly during the day of the sale.

Shopping works like normally and discounts are calculated at the checkout.

We usually never discount our products, but because of their imperfections we will organize this once-in-a-year online sale. Because it’s hard to price the imperfections as everybody judges them differently we discount on quantity: the more you buy, the higher your discount.

1 vase = 10% off
2 vases = 20% off all vases
3 vases = 30% off all vases
4+ vases = 40% off all vases

The discount is applied only at the check out as it depends on the amount of pieces you order.​

Anyone who has even worked with clay knows that what comes out of the kiln is always a surprise, it’s the place where the magic happens.

We consider most irregularities part of the process and part of the beauty of the hand made product but we also want our customers to receive the vases as in the photos they order from. That’s why we have kept the bottles below aside for a special sales with ‘seconds’ as we call them in the workshop.

Unfortunately we can’t take photos of every vase so take a look at the images below to get an idea of what to expect. All bottles are waterproof and suitable as a vase, it’s only aesthetic imperfections, most are fairly small. They are all in one of the categories displayed below.


The vases will be shipped safely, but the original packaging might be missing, in that case the vase will mummified in honey comb paper. We will add a brochure and postcard if you plan to give the vase as a gift.

Normal shipping costs apply.

You can order multiple times during the day, but for logistic reasons we have to ship out every order separately.​

Sure, you can order from the sale and complete your order with other stuff from the regular webshop such as Bubble Buddies, other vases or Wimpy as well in the same order.

We will try to ship everything out as soon as possible and we intend to ship everything within one week.

If there’s a problem we will get in touch within this week.

Our reservation system is failing so tonight at 19:00 everything will become available to everybody. comes first gets first and weg = pech 😉

That’s a secret! We have experienced blackouts from our webshop when too many visitors shop at once so we don’t announce the time anymore. You can check in the morning. Or sign up to our newsletter and wait until you receive an e-mail (below). Don’t stress about it, we will add new vases during the day so there’s something for everybody.

This depends on what went wrong in the kiln. For most styles this is one or two vases but sometime we have a bad batch and it’s 6 of the same.

In our experience most stock is sold by the end of the day.

We know many of you will share orders with a friends in order to receive the highest discount, this is totally cool!

In fact also saves packaging materials and emission on the way to you. But please note we can only ship the order to one address and you’ll have to meet up to divide your purchases ;).

It’s a good moment to buy December gifts, sure!

However we don’t have enough hands to wrap gifts during the sale so you’ll have to do this yourself but we will add postcards for your gift message.

what to expect:


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pigmentation areas

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off colour

second sale has ended, go back to the regular webshop here.