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the soap shop

Since I first started picking up waste near the Maas (a river in Rotterdam) in 2009, I started to wonder if we could still live without plastic detergent bottles. Well actually yes, it’s pretty easy, the best alternative has been around for centuries: Bar Soap.

Bar soap can be wrapped in a piece of paper, so it’s a great plastic saver. Besides it saves quite some Co2 because well, you don’t have to transport all of that water. Oh and it’s economical because you don’t have to pay for the extra transport or the plastic bottle.

In the eighties we were somewhat brainwashed by the soap industry; they told us bars of soap are not as hygienic, we should buy the more expensive bottles of soap. And so we did. However, studies show that no bacteria, not even worst like E-coli, could live on a bar of soap. On the pump handle of a soap dispenser however, they can live pretty long.

Years later Bubble Buddy came to life and another year later we launched our organic soap line. However I kept on trying all kinds of soap bars whenever I could lay my hands on something special.

This passion for soap bars lately translated into opening a little soap shop on this website with my own favourites by several brands such as Werfzeep, Bada Bada, Helemaal Shea, Le Moly and KraKra. More about them later but for now please take a look, I’m very sorry there’s no way to transmit scents online but I can assure you it’s very pleasant to keep this stock at home ;).