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organic baby soap bars

After introducing Bubble Buddy a few years ago, many people asked me where they could buy soap bars because they wanted to make the switch (from bottles to bars). They just didn’t know where to go after their first cleaner bar ran out. I send them in many directions, such as soap studio Werfzeep in Utrecht, that manually produces very nourishing soaps. Many of my recommendations can now be purchased in the soap shop.

Later we found a soap studio in Italy that was able to produce custom soap bars exactly how we liked them: cold processed, organic, vegan, cruelty free. And that’s how the Bubble Buddy organic soap collection was born. Just four different bars that together can replace about every plastic detergent bottle of your home!

The Baby bar is definitely not the the best seller in this collection, yet I do use it a lot myself so I figured I should write a bit about it. At home I use it for both myself and our toddler. (Although I did most of washing in the first months without any soap at all. Small babies hardly get dirty. Some warm water would do the job well enough.) It’s easy enough to become overwhelmed in the baby aisle. It’s stacked with body wash, bathing soap, baby shampoo and more. They make you believe you need many complex soap-free-soaps to care for babies… But I think this is just marketing.

100% olive oil

The baby bar is only made of 100% olive oil. Our other bars have essential oils and other natural additives, that make them stand out. But we think for baby it’s safer to go without them. Oh and also: babies smell lovely by themselves so no need for perfumes ;). So this soap is very mild, not just for babies and children, but also for adult with sensitive skin. Even dogs and horses!


When baby starts to get dirty at day care, crawl around, play with food, touch pets etc. you start washing their hands. This is a good time to introduce baby soap to increase hygiene. The baby bar does this job perfectly without chemicals and leaves a nourishing layer that protects the sensitive skin.

It also possible to use the bar as a body wash in the bathing tub. Simply rub a piece of cloth on the wet bar and cleanse the dirty areas and rinse with water. The bar could also be used as a shampoo. However this saponified olive oil soap will – like any other real soap – be avoided to contact they eyes. At our home we only shampoo once a month. We put a wet cloth on our sons eyes to prevent the soap from getting there when we rinse his hair.

baby booty spray

Our fourth use is as a component in home made booty wash spray. We started using it after our son started eating different foods and his diaper was no longer filled with cute breast milk poop. I make the bar soap liquid first, with this recipe. Then add 2 tbs (really, just 2, store the rest for later) to 400 ml warm water in a spray bottle. Lastly add 3 tbs of nourishing oil like jojoba oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Shake well and ready to spray the washable butt wipes to clean very carefully and avoid diaper rash.

(Oh and funny note on the bottle, it’s made of plastic because well, glass bottles are just not very safe in our nursery with concrete flooring. We use a plant waterer from Ikea that lasts for years and you can also find second hand.)


Because babies need a bit more hygiene than the rest of us it’s important to dry the bar well after each use. Scientist have proven that bacteria can’t live on soap. However they could possibly survive in soapy water. So a soap dish that allows the bar well is something to consider. Obviously we use Bubble Buddy at home but you could also thrift something else.

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